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Licensed in both massage and acupuncture, Jeff has thirty years experience. In 90 minute sessions ($140.) he often utilizes both modalities, but spends almost all of the time on massage. His massage style is a uniquely technical and detailed style of Swedish massage done with an awareness of energy. Jeff is especially gifted at making people feel comfortable. His interpersonal style is very casual, but professional. His practice has included Tony , Emmy , and Oscar Award winning artists, professional athletes, scores of dancers, and hundreds of stressed
out New Yorkers in pain.

Jeff graduated from the Swedish Institute in 1981 and Swedish massage has always been the basis of his technique. He went on to study Shiatsu with the famous Eizo Ninomaya in 1983 who taught him to take Chinese pulses and he’s taken the pulses before every sessiont ever since. He attended Tri-State College of Acupuncture and received his acupuncture license in 1986. At TriState he studied with many famous teachers including Kiko Matsumoto, J. R. Worsely, Nguyen VanNghi, Yves Requena and so his style is eclectic, incorporating techniques from Japanese, Chinese, and Five–element styles. In recent years he studied with Koei Kuwahara, learning techniques of acupuncture without needles and refining his sensitivity to energy. Jeff has also studied nutrition at Hunter College and herbs with Ted Kaptchuck.

I Also Provide Acupunture Services At My Chelsea Location As Well

Most acupuncturists who began as massage therapists abandon massage, but Jeff has continued to it as a primary modality. The combination can work like magic for stress and orthopedic pain. Clients are welcome to discuss health issues relating to pain, anxiety, and fatigue, or to simply enjoy a soothing massage. As a bodyworker Jeff is familiar with painful muscular patterns associated with working at a desk and computer, sports injuries, and trauma. (For five years he worked with one of the New York Rangers.) Jeff has experience with PSTD, rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia. For ten years, before effective medications were in use, Jeff’s practice was centered around the treatment of HIV patients, designing holistic protocols and comforting their traumatized care -partners.

New Yorkers frequently suffer from stress to such a degree that it leads to anxiety and depression.In addition to the orthopedic effects of massage there are benefits causing a cascade of hormones associated with well-being. Massage is known to reduce cortisol, the hormone associated with stress. Swedish massage increases the hormone oxytocin, associated with feelings of contentment, creating the “aaah” feeling after a good massage. It is well known that acupuncture treats pain, dramatically increasing endorphins and affecting mu-opoid receptors in the brain supplementing the benefits of massage. Acupuncture also causes changes in the limbic brain which controls bio-rhythm, stress response and mood. .He feels disappointed if, after a treatment the client does not have mobility and sleep like a baby that night. At the end of Jeff’s sessions most people are in a haze of happy relaxation

Also a modern painter, Jeff lives in Manhattan and swims, and cooks.

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